Krewes of Druids and Nyx Parades

Everywhere else, it was just Wednesday but here in New Orleans, Krewe of Druids kicked off a 2 parade night that rolled its way toward midnight. Founded in 1998, the “Merlin”-hat-wearing Druids honor the Celtic priests who acted as mediators between the people and their gods and nature. Their krewe never has more than 200 members and secrecy shrouds their membership. In near direct opposition, the Krewe of Nyx is a diverse all-female Super Krewe of more than 2,200 riders. The last float in Druids was South-Park-inspired with a sign picking on Nyx, “Seriously… The parade behind us is not worth the wait!” Except, of course, it totally was. Though by 10:30pm there was some nostalgia for the Wednesdays of yore when people could get home to watch a favorite show or finish homework before turning in, Nyx puts on a heck of a parade.

The Grand Marshal was the radiant Miss Irma Thomas, Soul Queen of New Orleans. Even when she’s not singing, she rocks my world. Like the Muses shoes and the Zulu coconuts, Nyx has a signature handmade throw – purses. I didn’t catch one this time but I love the floats and throws inspired by them. I also liked the new “Apollo, ‘Harlem Shuffle’” float, a nod to the club that launched a thousand careers.

As a member of the Pussyfooters, I’m a sucker for the adult dance troupes so I was delighted to see the Organ Grinders in Druids and Sirens, NOLA Nyx, Muff-A-Lottas, 610 Stompers my pink sisters in the Pussyfooters and the Cosmonaughties along with their Krewe de Lune in Nyx. School marching bands included local favorites Southern University, Landry-Walker High School, Warren Easton High School and the elementary students of Coghill Charter School among others.

We caved sometime after the lighted bikes of Try Athletes rolled past and made our way through the crowd covered in blinky-throws. Thursday night, I parade with the Pussyfooters in Krewe of Muses and I have to get ready to dance in the streets for hours and hours!


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3 responses to “Krewes of Druids and Nyx Parades

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  2. Stafford

    Will be looking for Pussyfooters tonight in Muses. Have a great parade.

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