Krewe of Cleopatra & Saturday Parades

Again, I have little time to blog but I did want to share some photos from the Krewes of Cleopatra, Pontchartrain, Choctaw, Sparta and Pygmalion. Krewe of Cleopatra was my first parade this year dancing with the Pussyfooters. I always love dancing with the “Pink Army” but I had an extra pep in my step this time. Readers of this blog may remember mentions of my aunt Norma, the book we made together or the photo of her with her leg over her head at 90 or 91 years old. This will be her last Mardi Gras. One of the mottos of the Pussyfooters is that we dance for those who can’t, so I put a photo of Norma in pink on the front of my hat and the one of her leg move on the back. Even after the parade broke down for about half and hour, I found it within myself to shake off the cold and give a good show to the die-hard parade-goers who stuck around.

Saturday was a 5 parade day, but sadly it rained too hard for us to stick it out during Krewe of Freret. We took the break to go eat and hope it cleared up for the night parades. Between the rain and dark, I wasn’t able to get many photos of those. Throughout the day, I enjoyed the beautiful floats, the marching bands and the dancers. I did manage a few photos of Dance Connection, the Big Easy Rollergirls, Muff-A-Lottas, Rolling Elvi, Edna Karr marching band and more.


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2 responses to “Krewe of Cleopatra & Saturday Parades

  1. Ed Blazek

    Laura, you look absolutely beautiful and adorable with your Pussyfooter outfit. Love the “Pink Army”. And bless Aunt Norma. What a remarkable lady.

    I hope your new Charlotte Reade novel is progressing well. You spoiled me with all the books. I need a fix!!

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