Krewe of Thoth Parade

I normally dance with the Pussyfooters in the Krewe of Thoth parade, but this year I had to settle for cheering them on. The good news is I got to see the Egyptian beauty of Thoth for the first time in years. For Krewe of Thoth history and more CLICK HERE.

The weather cleared up and a neighbor sump-pumped the moat that had separated us from the floats (though I’d been walking through the 6-8 inch deep pool in rubber boots, searching the muddy water for the submerged curb).

The 610 Stompers stopped in front of us for a while and put on a great show, then urged everyone into a dance party. I took one of my favorite photos ever when a kid dove into the pavement to do the worm as the crowd cheered him on.

Then my Pussyfooter sisters stopped just up the block so I ran to give everyone hugs and hear how overheated everyone was in the post-storm humidity. The Nola Nyxettes looked stylish in their tuxedo jackets and top hats, but I knew that uniform had to be taking its toll. The school bands were amazing and the floats were clever and colorful. Enjoy the photos and my next post on the Krewe of Bacchus Parade.

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