Krewes of Okeanos and Mid-City Parades

The Krewe of Okeanos parade rolled in the rain to sizable crowds. It was warm and the forecast promised clearing skies. Our spot was flooded due to the recent freezes cracking pipes. Later, a neighbor bought a sump pump and drained the street but our morning was spent slogging through over half a foot of water to get to the floats. There’s something about rainy parades that’s special. When I’m watching them, I always admire the people suffering on the floats, dancing drenched and playing wet instruments. I’m so grateful they show up for us and put on a show, more so now that I know what it takes to suit up and parade. When I dance with the Pussyfooters in parades, I always admire the crowds. I’m so grateful they show up for us and cheer on our show – the show we spent much of the year making ready. CLICK HERE for more history and stories of Okeanos.

The Mid-City Parade has wonderfully unique shiny-foil decorated floats. The rain began to let up and the floral women of Krewe des Fleurs made me optimistic for the next parades – Thoth and Bacchus. For more history of the Krewe of Mid-City CLICK HERE.

Enjoy the photos and 2 of me catching beads the morning before when the crowd hadn’t gathered yet.

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