Mardi Gras = Fat Tuesday

Mardi Gras (Fat Tuesday in French) effectively splits the city into 2 groups – parade-goers and costumers. The fabulous and feathered Krewe of Zulu starts the parades with an early morning roll across the city. We caught the beginning floats, but closer to the end of the route when they’d already been going for hours. Spike Lee handed out beads as did an entire float of Saints.

We’re costumers so we left early and headed into the French Quarter so my husband could become a wrestling taco. Those of us who prefer to skip the regal Rex parade and the day-long truck parades spend our afternoon wandering the Quarter and Frenchmen Street, following bands, joining dance parties and enjoying each other’s costumes. One of my favorite things is running into friends and neighbors. We even stumbled onto some of my Pussyfooters sisters when we stopped for lunch and got to share a meal and memories of the parades we danced together in this season.

In this case, pictures are definitely worth thousands of words so enjoy!



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2 responses to “Mardi Gras = Fat Tuesday

  1. Ali Leotta

    Fabulous pics! You’re a talented photographer in addition to writing and acting!

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