Gay Pride Parade 2018

After ending food and music at the Creole Tomato Fest and the fun spectacle of the Naked Bike Parade, we were primed for the Gay Pride Parade. Bigger and longer every year, the parade includes LGBTQ groups, community organizations, churches and more. Dance and walking krewes included Roux La La, Sirens, High Quality, Krewe des Fleur, Krewe of Goddesses, Crescent City Fae, AUX, NOLA Cherry Bombs, Disco Amigos and the Krewe of the Rolling Elvi. I worked up a sweat dancing when One Shot Brass Band got stuck on from of us for a while. I also spotted singing, fiddling spitfire, Amanda Shaw, and the always moving Dancing Man 504.

There were over 20 parade floats as well as drag queens and walking groups from Big Easy Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, Krewe of King Arthur, Mystic Krewe of the Lords of Leather and the parade’s many sponsors. Corporate giants like Walgreen’s, GE, Lyft, Absolut and Microsoft emblazoned their names and logos on flashy floats and banners carried alongside rainbow flags. We vote with our dollars and those corporations voted for love-is-love and inclusion. I’ll remember that.


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4 responses to “Gay Pride Parade 2018

  1. Bonnie

    Great pictures Laura. So many happenings this weekend. Hope the pop-up that just stopped here doesn’t rain on all you in the quarter

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