Satchmo Summerfest – Day 2

Day 2 of Satchmo Fest started with a dowsing of rain that cleared up and left the day relatively cool. The festival celebrates the birthday of Louis Armstrong. Saturday’s lineup illustrated the reach and evolution of Armstrong’s influence on musicians and music lovers. One of the interesting things about our local musicians is that they often play in multiple bands either as members, sitting in, or as featured guests. Its not uncommon to spot players like the drummer who played with Bonerama Friday and with Corey Henry & the Treme Funktet Saturday. But the player I’ve seen the most this year is a young trombonist who so far has played with (that I know of) Soul Rebels on Friday and the Original Pinettes and TBC Brass Bands on Saturday. With that kind of bravery, discipline and endurance, I’m excited to see who he becomes. And it brings me joy to know that, like so many others, he can trace his beginnings to Louis Armstrong.

The day kicked off with traditional tunes from Lars Edegran & the New Orleans Ragtime Orchestra and Doyle Cooper Jazz Band. Makeshift rubber sidewalks staved off mud until the sun dried things out. It felt right to begin the day’s eating with a brunch-y Tomato, Basil & Mozzarella Crepe ($7) with Bacon ($8) from Crepes a la Cart.

Supper was a return trip to Roux Carre for their Mediterranean Stuffed Avocado ($6), easily the best new offering of the fest (other than upcoming Irma Thomas). We also enjoyed Crispy Chicken Wings with Greens served with rice ($8) from The Praline Connection. Dessert was a Nectar Creme ($5) from Plum Street Snoballs.

Winners of the 2014 Red Bull Street Kings competition, The Original Pinettes Brass Band is the world’s first all-female brass band. Locals sang along to originals like Ain’t No City Like the One I’m From and everyone joined in for covers like Katy Perry’s Roar. One of the band’s trumpeters, Jazz Henry, is the daughter of the amazing Corey Henry who was next to take the stage.

Corey Henry came up the way many local musicians do, the way his daughter did. He was a legacy, growing up with musicians in the family and the neighborhood, and he was an apprentice learning at the knee of local legends like Tuba Fats. So it was truly gratifying to see his accomplished daughter join Corey Henry & the Treme Funktet for a song. I have no idea what Armstrong would make of his work inspiring funk and rap music but I love Henry and the Funktet’s mix of traditional and newer sounds.

The TBC Brass Band closed out the second stage. As I mentioned, the young trombonist joined this band as well as the Pinettes. But TBC featured 2 children building endurance and honing their onstage skills. The band played a mix of originals, local tunes and covers like their hard driving version of The Beatles Come Together. Maybe Armstrong would think we’ve bent the connection to his music until it broke but watching that super-young man play yet another show, I couldn’t help but feel certain that Satchmo’s legacy is in good hands.


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