Saints Soundtrack – Playoffs Edition

In 2013, I did a fairly exhaustive search for the best local songs to replace Atlanta-based Ying Yang Twins Halftime (Stand Up and Get Crunk) as the Saints’ touchdown song.  VIDEO. I offered links to dozens of videos written and performed by local musicians. The ultimate superfans in my estimation, they pour their team spirit into songs and videos that take money and oodles of time to produce. And they do all this with little chance the music will turn a profit.

But a funny thing happened on the way to the playoffs. The Saints players have taken over the soundtrack inside the Superdome. In particular, carpool mates Mark Ingram and Alvin Kamara along with Michael Thomas have fallen in love with old New Orleans rap and the crowds in the Dome couldn’t be happier. Apparently, Ingram introduced Kamara to the songs and artists while driving. When the three danced to Choppa’s 2003 local hit Choppa Style, the Superdome went bananas.
The moment went viral nationwide.

The Saints’  dance has gone so viral that players used the move as a victory dance at LSU and even the Kansas City Chiefs last week. Rumors abound that Choppa could perform at the playoff game this Sunday. Already, one school band has played the song during a parade – making it a certainty that we will be hearing Choppa Style from dozens of bands during Mardi Gras.

Though Choppa is certainly the one poised to knock the Ying Yang Twins from their spot after touchdowns, there are other songs the players have brought to the Dome’s soundtrack.

The Big Tymers’ Get Your Roll On gets everyone on their feet, rolling their arms while bopping their hips.

Mystikal’s Here I Go is aggressively funky. I feel strong and cool just listening to it.

I really like The Dome Is On Fire from Supa Saint featuring Tre G. It’s a straight-up party/sports anthem as hard hitting and fun as they come.

In my 2013 post, Saints Soundtrack, I chose Choppa’s New Orleans Saints Song to tie for first place.

In Saints Soundtrack Vol. 2, I announced my ultimate 2013 winner. Black and Gold by ChadQuentin & Phat Word with All For One Brass Band and 21st Century Brass Band. Rapper ChadQuentin is Chadrick Honore, Grammy winning trumpeter of Rebirth Brass Band. Phat Word is a confident street poet with a resonant voice. I still dream of dancing in the Dome to this song one day. It only took Choppa 15 years so we’ll see.

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