Who Dat Nation Boycott Parades

I don’t have it in me to explain what it’s like to be a Saints fan right now. Pain and pride, I’ve been feeling a lot of both. But we grieve loss differently here, so this Sunday – while the world watched the Asterisks Bowl – we partied and paraded. There were literally parades from morning throughout the game. Many bars played the Saints victory in 2010 rather than the game. There was even a day-long concert with 10 bands. Choppa led the dance moves. The front page of the paper featured a football field grid with all the activities listed, but we started off the grid at the 25th Treme Sidewalk Steppers second line.

The royals looked stunning in blue and white feathers and sequins. The crowd was dressed mostly in black and gold. We danced along with Big 6 Brass Band then peeled off to cross the Quarter and catch the Boycott Parade. We sang When the Saints Come Marching In, Casanova and even We Got Robbed (an original). It was amazing seeing all of the referee and penalty flag themed costumes and accessories. I even caught a police officer carrying one.

I’d love to tell you that swimming in that ocean of Who Dat fervor was cathartic enough to wash me clean of my hurt and anger. But it wasn’t. Either helmet to helmet contact matters to the NFL or it doesn’t. Then a funny thing happened. We watched the local news and the whole thing was about the Saints. One of the newscasters proudly wore her Drew Brees jersey as they split the screen 4 ways to show celebrations throughout the city. Referee dunking booths, parties, parades, etc. I started laughing at our inability to choose a bad day.

Then they did a story on Forgiveness and Goodell. The Father wore Saints beads over his robes. The vines behind him were decorated with penalty flags. I started laughing so hard I was hurting. They showed the congregation and nearly everyone was in a Saints jersey or other such gear. I laughed until I cried. I needed the cry and I needed the laugh. I love my city. And soon the Mardi Gras parades begin…

Enjoy the videos and photos!


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2 responses to “Who Dat Nation Boycott Parades

  1. Ed Blazek

    It’s been a tough 2 weeks. The best team in the NFL was not in the Super Bowl. Yes, they were robbed. And yes, I’m positive they would’ve won the Super Bowl.
    But next season they will be the best team in the NFL once again. The season will start in only 7 months. It will be AMAZING!!

    • Thank you. I’m sure it will be amazing too, as it was for the past 2 years. I’d feel better knowing the best teams actually got to play in the big game. Last year was unfortunate. Coulda happened to any team. This year was outrageous. Should never happen again.

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