Krewe of Tucks 2019

Focused around toilet humor, the Krewe of Tucks parade is irreverently fun and kids love it.  Throws include hand-decorated plungers and scrub brushes and other potty-humored beads and toys. This year’s 50th anniversary theme was “Tucks Gets Sick” so there were also bandaid slap bracelets, stethoscopes and other medical goodies. Rolls of purple, green and gold toilet paper are always tossed over the arching live oak bows, leaving the route strewn with streamers. It’s actually kinda beautiful.

Tucks always puts on a great show with the animal-bikes of  Kolossos, the beaded corsets of Dames de Perlage and the Laissez Boys reclining in their motorized loungers, cocktails in hand. Dance groups included Dance Connection, Disco Amigos, Muff-A-Lottas, Organ Grinders, Alter Egos and the Mande Milkshakers. The school marching bands are always amazing, but Kentucky State University really put on a heck of a show.

A float carried some of our beloved Saints. We all needed a good excuse to cheer on our boys after the ending of our last season. A hand-painted float held the artist Frenchy painting St. Charles Ave. unfolding in front of him.

There’s always a moment when riders on a float spot their friends trying to get their attention. Sometimes the rider will throw a bunch of things as quickly as possible, sometimes they’ll have a pre-prepared bag of throws tucked somewhere. My camera caught a woman spotting her friend in the crowd, reaching behind her piles and tossing him a a big blue bag of throws. I’ve included 2 of the many photos.

Up next, I’ll be dancing with the Pussyfooters in Krewe of Thoth!

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