Oyster Fest & Krewe of Boo Dance-Off

It was 90 and humid for the 1oth New Orleans Oyster Fest and the first Krewe of Boo Dance-Off, but that didn’t keep us away from the festivities. Lunch was Crabmeat Ravioli ($10) from Andrea’s Restaurant & Catering, and Food Drunk’s Louisiana Crab & Crawfish Mac & Cheese ($10), then a Wedding Cake Snoball from Nola Snow (LG $7 w/souvenir cup). Nola Snow provided the snoballs for our wedding reception 5 years ago so it was a sweet remembrance. Then we headed to Spanish Plaza for Brian Kern’s Halfway to Halloween Dance-Off.

Parade groups that have danced in the Krewe of Boo Halloween parades presented routines for a fairly large crowd with former Super Bowl Saint, Zach Strief, looking over the talent. B-boys got the crowd going then the Pussyfooters took the stage. Though I wasn’t dancing with my pink-corseted sisters, I was proud of our inclusive, diverse group and their sassy, empowering routine. We stayed to watch the Camel Toe Lady Steppers then headed back to the Oyster Fest in time for Cha Wa, one of my favorite local bands. Seems the Grammys agreed, nominating their latest album for Best Regional Roots Music Album.

Given the heat and the sheer quantity of sweat the humidity was generating, I assumed the band’s 2 Mardi Gras Indian members wouldn’t wear their dazzling parade suits. Made of heavy, painstakingly beaded panels and thick velvet, the traditional suits are topped with ostrich-plumed headdresses worn over long, thick wigs. Having danced with the Pussyfooters in a pink wig with far less clothing on, I couldn’t even imagine how they were coping. But, of course, the band put on an energetic 90 minute spectacle of dance and feathers, original songs and local favorites.

We stayed for a song from the smoky-voiced Maggie Koerner then called it a day. A great day. The fest continues Sunday!


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2 responses to “Oyster Fest & Krewe of Boo Dance-Off

  1. Ed Blazek

    Hi Laura,
    What a great day this was!!! First things first: you have me continually thinking about CRABMEAT RAVIOLI from Andrea’s Restaurant. It is definitely now on my To Do List on my next visit to New Orleans. (Heck, why don’t I just move their and join the real fun.)

    And what a nice 5 year anniversary treat and memory. Especially on a hot, muggy day. Yum!!

    Keep that next Charlotte Reade Book progressing. I’m ready!!

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