Creole Tomato Fest

It was a big weekend with the Creole Tomato Fest,  Naked Bike Ride and the Pride Parade (my next 2 posts). The Fest features cocktails, food booths, music and more. We try to never miss a chance to see Little Freddie King and his band playing their true-blues so we were thrilled to find him on the schedule. A local treasure, King looked as sharp as a tack but was as laid back as an easy chair.

We started our fest-feast with a bright and flavorful Burrata Caprese from PIZZA Domenica ($8). My favorite dish every year is The Pontchartrain from George’s Produce Co. featuring sliced Creole tomatoes with lump crab meat dressed in remoulade ($8). We finished with Pineapple Italian Ice from Lil Dustin’s Italian Ice (Med $5).

After the Naked Bike Ride rolled past, I had another Pontchartrain from George’s Produce Co. as well as Crispy Fried Fish w/ French Fries ($8) from LaDelyo’s Creole Catering.

Naked Bike Ride is next!


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