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When I started this blog, I was working on a novel, Lemonade Farm. Ten years later, I’ve finished that novel, an acting book,  Know Small Parts: An Actor’s Guide to Turning Minutes into Moments and Moments ints a Career with foreword by Richard Dreyfuss and endorsements from Kevin Costner, Lou Diamond Phillips and many more – and with the release of The Family Secret: A Charlotte Reade Mystery – I’ve just completed a 5-book series.

The first book of the mysteries-not-murders series begins as the Saints are marching toward their Super Bowl victory during Mardi Gras in 2009-10. As actor/producer Charlotte aids in the search for a birth mother, she comes across a haunted chandelier, and a mystery in her own family’s past. In the latest book Charlotte searches for motives in the theft of several random items at a gala fundraiser, and lucks into an antique journal written by her ancestors – the key to revealing the family secret.

The series often takes us behind the scenes in the life of a working actor. Many of the details of the events in the series are based on this blog and some of the characters are actual members of our community, like second line leader Dancing Man 504 and actor/author/entrepreneur Bryan Batt. This book’s cast includes, among others, Treme Prince and musical magician, Glen David Andrews, and actor/filmmaker/musician John Schneider, as well as delicious dishes from Bayona, Red Fish Grill and Nola Snow Snoballs. There are visits to the spectacular “museum with price tags,” M.S. Rau Antiques, Trashy Diva’s dress boutique, and Fifi Mahony’s fabulous wig shop – and parades with the Pussyfooters dance krewe.

Award-winning thriller author, Allison Leotta, says, “Whether you’ve been there or not, Laura Cayouette brings New Orleans to life. Her Charlotte Reade character isn’t just great at unraveling mysteries, she’s a terrific guide through the music, food and culture of the city.

It’s fine if you haven’t read The Secret of the Other Mother, The Hidden Huntsman, The Missing Ingredient or The Haunted Heirloom before reading The Family Secret – each book stands alone. Just remember, there are family-secret reveals in each book.

The Garden District Book Shop hosted an event last week and I read a short portion then answered questions about the book, the series and my other works. I love meeting book lovers, especially those who read my stories! I learn new things about how people experience stories and what they are curious about at every Q&A. If you’d like to know more about how Quentin Tarantino inspired the Charlotte Reade mystery series, check out Reading, Writing and Gift Ideas.

Whether you’re looking to curl up with a good book, or shopping for gift ideas, I’m hoping one of my books fulfills your wish. You can always order signed copies from Garden District Book Shop. They provide gift wrap and shipping. And you can find summaries and reviews HERE. I’ve also built a PLAYLIST of videos of music and other events, places and people included in The Family Secret on my YouTube channel. And I’ve created a clipboard of photos on Pinterest. Enjoy this short promo and photos from the event:


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