Krewes of Muses and Babylon 2020

High wind gusts prevented Thursday’s parades from rolling, pushing 2 to Friday and one to Sunday’s schedule. With the addition of the Krewes of Muses and Babylon to Friday’s lineup, a 3-parade night became 5-parade marathon. Muses and Babylon rolled mostly without bands and dance groups to keep things moving quickly.

I was supposed to parade in the Muses 20-year anniversary parade with the pretty-in-pink Pussyfooters, so I had mixed feelings photographing the Bearded Oysters and Krewe of the Rolling Elvi. It was hard not to wish I was in my wig, corset and combat boots shaking it in the streets. And “Muses Thersday” draws a women’s-empowerment crowd with shouts of, “you go, girl!” and “I love the Pussyfooters!” It feels pretty amazing. Like the other bands and groups that weren’t allowed to join in, we’d been practicing for months for these moments. It was disappointing and made me so grateful the Pussyfooters still have Krewe of Thoth on Sunday before our season ends.

I loved being able to see the Muses floats. Participating in a parade means you don’t really see much of it. And though I didn’t get a Muses shoe, I did get some very fun throws including 2 totes, a cosmetic bag and 4 pots of blue body glitter.

Krewe of Babylon had no bands or dancers, but they had plenty of beads and throws and beautiful Mythological Menagerie floats.

With 3 more parades to go and 4 more days of parading after that, kids who usually spent the break tossing footballs and jumping rope with strands of beads, were instead napping and doing homework. Mardi Gras is a marathon done at a sprint’s pace. Locals adapt.

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