Krewes of Hermes & d’Etat Parades 2020

The Mystic Krewe of Hermes is the oldest of 3 parades that roll Friday night. Because of weather rescheduling, we’d already watched 2 parades – Muses and Babylon – without bands and dancing groups to keep things moving quickly. Though we have 5-parade days on weekends, we don’t normally start have to start them after school lets out. Hermes blanketed the crowd in blinkies, including their popular glowing wing headpieces. My favorite moment was when Saints legend Steve Gleason rolled past covered in glow tubes – but he was too quick for my camera.

The riders of  Le Krewe d’Etat threw a satirical spotlight on everything from Jeffrey Epstein to A.O.C. They even had a float lampooning the many parading dance groups that featured a pink Pussyfooter crossed with a Bearded Oyster. I’m told the title was Copy Cat Groups which I’m assuming is a reference to the dozens of dance krewes that have popped up since the Pussyfooters inception nearly 20 years ago. The back of the float had a 610 Stomper with a female’s head. No word yet if the Stompers dancing in Hermes heard about it.

The blue-corseted Sirens impressed in d’Etat. I was still feeling sad over not getting to parade with the Pussyfooters in Muses after the reschedule but the marching bands and dance groups got me out of my funk and into theirs. 

Special thanks to my friend, Stafford, who managed to find me in the super-thick crowd and generously gave me a bag full of goodies.

With more parades coming at 11am Saturday, we decided to call it a night before Morpheus rolled. I’ll be parading with the Pussyfooters in Thoth Sunday! Next up – Krewes of Iris and Tucks.

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