Krewe of Tucks Parade 2020

Kids love the irreverently fun, toilet-themed Krewe of Tucks parade.  Throws include hand-decorated scrub brushes and plungers as well as other potty-humored beads, toys and poop-shaped lollipops. The rolls of purple, green and gold toilet paper are traditionally tossed over the arching live oak bows that line St. Charles, leaving the route strewn with light-catching streamers rippling in the breeze.

One float carried some of our beloved Saints. A diamond engagement ring float flared the sun perfectly in my photo. The kids love the various toilet floats best, but my favorites are usually in Funky Tucks, the 60’s themed sub-parade trailing Tucks. I like the caged go-go dancers in vibrant outfits and the Funky Uncle Lounge – which is mostly just people in giant afros on a big staircase leading to a crowded upper deck, but somehow seems to be where the party’s at.

The school marching bands are always amazing. I love the beaded corsets of Dames de Perlage and the Laissez Boys reclining in their motorized lounge chairs, cocktails and cigars in hand. Dancers included the tray-toting Muff-A-Lottas, the Mande Milkshakers, Dance Connection, and the always energetic Organ Grinders.

The Disco Amigos also paraded – sorta. No one was in their signature silver uniforms with red accessories. They had no routines, no formation, and they invited the crowd to join them. Their theme was Donna Summer’s Last Dance. Given the recent rumbles about financial issues, I’m guessing it was indeed their last dance.

Up next, I’ll be dancing with the Pussyfooters in Krewe of Thoth then attend Bacchus.


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2 responses to “Krewe of Tucks Parade 2020

  1. Gail

    Hi Laura, I just bought your book and noticed your blog. Started reading and came across a picture of me in Tucks. So fun! Thanks for mentioning Dames de Perlage. We love our fellow women’s krewes! Gail (Tee Eva’s-best pralines in the city!)

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