House Floats – Mid-City

If you’ve been following this blog, you know that New Orleans has been celebrating Carnival in a safe, socially distanced way. “Yardi Gras” has decorated thousands of homes and businesses as parade floats. Krewe of House Floats, a grassroots organization promoting this new parade concept, encouraged people to use local businesses and artists to help decorate their places as house floats, or go DIY, then register on their map. After we’d experienced City Park’s drive-thru Floats in the Oaks stationary parade, we drove around neighboring Mid-City with that map and spotted amazing displays.

Some neighborhoods have chosen themes and we drove many streets celebrating with variations on “how sweet it is to be loved bayou.” But my favorite street was where houses celebrated famous New Orleanian women including Baroness Pontalba, Marie Laveau, Mahalia Jackson and Miss Leah Chase. There were also some great tributes to Jazz Fest which this neighborhood hosts. 

Though he has nothing to do with our city, no matter whether we’re on Magazine Street or in the Irish Channel, the most consistent guest star in all of these spectacular displays is Bernie Sanders sitting in his mittens. In case you haven’t already spotted him in my previous photos, I’m including a close-up this time. 

Next up – more house floats from the Garden District, Lower Garden District, and the French Quarter. 


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9 responses to “House Floats – Mid-City

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  8. Edward

    Beautiful decorations, and the lighting is absolutely stunning. What a city!!

    I love the entire Garden District.❤

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