Christmas Tree 2021

If you’re a longtime reader of this blog or you actually know me, you probably already know I make most of my Christmas ornaments. I mostly use polymer clay, beads, and crystals from an old chandelier. Some favorites include Mr. Bingle, representations of my Pussyfooter uniforms from the 2015-2018 Krewe of Jingle parades, and little replicas of our wedding day in 2014. 

New Orleans decks many of its halls for the holidays but a favorite hallway is the lobby of the the spectacular Roosevelt Hotel. I’ve included a few photos attempting to capture the grandeur and glow. 

The weather has been INSANE for the past few weeks, bouncing from 80 to 40’s every few days. It looks like Christmas will be nearly 80 – ruling out my favorite red turtleneck. I’m dreaming of a sunny and warm Christmas! Happy Holidays and blessings on you and yours.


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6 responses to “Christmas Tree 2021

  1. Love the pix.. how r u guys? LA’s cold and v scary.. lots of crime.. robbing people eating outside and at home! Have a great Holiday‼️🎄🎁💗‼️

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  2. Ed Blazek

    Gorgeous tree, Laura. Best I’ve seen all year. By far!!💖

  3. Love the photos of the Roosevelt! Happy Holidays.

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