Krewe of Sparta Parade 2022

The Krewes of Sparta and Pygmalion end the 5-parade Saturday on St. Charles. Sparta is a fairly traditional parade with masked riders – both on the floats and on the horses that lead the way. I was excited to see the flambeaux lighting the Avenue as they have since before the invention of electricity. It’d been 2 years since we’d been entertained by the guys twirling their flames for tips in any parades. 

The floats featured phoenix’s and fairy queens. Crowds especially reacted to the dragons – one carried on sticks, the others worn by 2 men in tandem. Don’t ask me how the guys in the back handle the miles of parading while stooped over as the back legs. I did notice there were spare men wearing the same pants/dragon-legs, so I assume they swap out frequently. It’s amazing the lengths we will go to in order to delight the Mardi Gras crowds. 

After a day of drinking in the sun, the crowd was getting less patient and pleasant, so we decided to call it and miss Krewe of Pygmalion. Besides – I needed the rest!

Next up – I dance with the Pussyfooters in Krewe of Carrolton.


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2 responses to “Krewe of Sparta Parade 2022

  1. David

    Thanks for the write ups and pics, but you definitely missed the best parade of the first weekend…….Pygmalion. It was a beautiful parade coming down the Avenue & the riders threw until their arms hurt. Where I stood the crowds didn’t thin out & when Pygmalion ended the people were definitely disappointed. Thanks again for all the effort put in to covering the parades.

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