Krewe of Red Beans

I’ve explained before that there’s more than one Mardi Gras. On Lundi Gras (Monday before Fat Tuesday) we’re usually Uptown for the epic Krewe of Orpheaus Parade. The floats and bands are incredible and the weather promised to be mild for the nighttime parade. This year, we decided to attend the Krewe of Red Beans parade in the Marigny instead. 

Founded in 2009, the Krewe of Red Beans began with a small group of school teachers and newcomers to New Orleans. Now there are 450 krewe members among 3 different parade sites.

It’s a tradition to cook (or at least eat) red beans and rice on Mondays in New Orleans. The habit dates back to Monday laundry days when women would put a pot on the stove and let it simmer for hours while they did housework. The parade celebrates this tradition with clothing decorated in dried beans and is one of the few that includes children.

The Krewe of Red Beans is also a non-profit that has done MANY good works for the city, especially during the pandemic. Initiatives include Feed the Second Line and Beanlandia – a community space.

Next up – the amazing costumes of Fat Tuesday!

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