Mardi Gras Indians – Super Sunday 2022

Like the St. Patrick’s festivities, Super Sunday was cancelled in 2020. And 2021. It’s one of my favorite days of the year so I was schoolgirl-giddy heading to A.L. Davis Park to see the  Mardi Gras Indian tribes gather to show off their incredible suits of beads, ribbons, jewels and feathers.

Weighing up to 150 pounds and costing thousands of dollars, the Uptown tribes’ suits feature elaborately beaded panels portraying battle scenes, nature, goddesses, and local iconography. The downtown tribes create 3-D animals, buildings and more. I’m always blown away by the imagination, commitment and craftsmanship that goes into the staggeringly beautiful works of art our neighbors design and craft.

It was a breezy, sunny day in the 70’s as we wandered the food booths, ran into friends, and made new ones. It was wonderful. 

I took over 1,200 photos. Enjoy my favorites!

Click here to read more about the origins of the Mardi Gras Indians and the battle for their right to parade.


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4 responses to “Mardi Gras Indians – Super Sunday 2022

  1. Ron

    Great pictures thank you for posting your photos on the blog.

  2. Ed Blazek

    The costumes are phenomenal. Great people too!!
    Some weigh 150 lbs!! Not the people, the costumes!

    If they’re walking more than 100 yards, they must be in incredible shape. And great shoes.

    Great event. Great photos, Laura.

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