Krewe of Boo Parade 2022

Dancing in Brian Kern’s Krewe of Boo parade has become my favorite Halloween tradition. Judging by the thick crowds from the French Quarter to the CBD, it seems to have become a favorite for many. Every year, I especially love all of the children in adorable costumes lining the route, smiling and waving. 

The first time I danced in a major parade with The Pussyfooters, was in 2013.  The Pussyfooters are a non-profit body-positive group of over 100 women-over-30 in pink corsets who dance in Mardi Gras parades and partner with around 50 non-profits and events throughout the year. 

When you’re in a parade, the only chance to see all the floats and fellow paraders is during the lineup. The floats park in order and dance troupes, school bands, and other groups form clusters between the elaborately decorated rolling party barges. Other dance krewes included Roux La La, Mande Milkshakers, Crescent City Fae, NOLA Cherry Bombs, Muff-A-Lottas, Big Easy Roller Derby, and the Streetcar Strutters.

Halloween is always a big event in New Orleans. With the perfect weather and another whole weekend of partying ahead – this year looks to be especially good. 


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2 responses to “Krewe of Boo Parade 2022

  1. bonnie hale

    Very fun. Thanks for all the photos!

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