The Secret of the Other Mother: A Charlotte Reade Mystery by Laura Cayouette

“Laura has an amazing grasp of what New Orleans is. I could smell it! And that’s a good thing!” John Schneider (Dukes of Hazard, Smallville, The Haves and Have Nots)

When actor/producer Charlotte Reade attends a funeral in New Orleans, she’s enlisted to help track down a long lost birth mother. Clues lead Charlotte to her own family’s mystery–and into the presence of something otherworldly.


Know Small Parts: An Actor’s Guide to Turning Minutes into Moments and Moments into a Career by Laura Cayouette Foreword by Richard Dreyfuss

“She’s nailed the daily life of an actor in LA about as perfectly detailed as it gets.”

Richard Dreyfuss (Academy and Golden Globe Award Winner)

“She is a role model … and a true leading lady. Enjoy what she has to say and see if you can see yourself in her journey…”

Kevin Costner (Academy and Golden Globe Award Winner)

“I write off most of these books.  But this one I can’t.  It stands far above most giving smart, logical, realistic and poignant advice.”

George W. Perkins (Executive Producer: Desperate Housewives, 3-time Emmy Nominee)

“She has literally figured out a way to bottle lightning.”

Lou Diamond Phillips (Golden Globe Nominee Longmire, La Bamba)


Lemonade Farm by Laura Cayouette

I’ve read Laura’s novel Lemonade Farm and can attest to its power. It evokes the 1970s in a painfully accurate way, and is beautifully written. She manages a wide cast of characters and somehow paints adults, teenagers and children with equal skill without ever condescending to any of them. Her skill at characterization and turns of phrase, coupled with a great sense of place, makes this a heck of a novel. Tom Franklin award-winning author of Crooked Letter, Crooked Letter

It’s 1976 and Ariel’s parents have split, as have all of the neighboring families in her suburban town. The broken bits of these families move into a 200-year-old farmhouse deep in rural Maryland and begin to form a new family.

What starts as the coming-of-age odyssey of a hyper-aware preteen, evolves into the story of an era and the evolution of the American family. As families today continue to disintegrate and reintegrate, Lemonade Farm serves as a highly relevant, humorous and endearing story of loss and renewal.


How to Be a Widow: A Journey from Grief to Growth by Norma Dupont. Introduction, epilogue and editing by Laura Cayouette.

Beginning with the words, “First your husband has to die,” this book is filled with humor, insight and inspiration. It helped me through my divorce as well as some of the lower moments of my career and I’m certain I will refer to it throughout my life. I hope you’ll take a moment to check out the preview.


LA to NOLA Store (NOLA-centric t-shirts, greeting cards, gifts)

Whether you’re shopping for gifts or treating yourself, you could find reasonably priced products in my new virtual L.A. to N.O.LA store. Items are made to order, shipped to your door and can be customized. New Orleanians will enjoy the many items made just for them including t-shirts and sweatshirts identifying you as a “Native,” “Local” or “Resident” on a fleur de lis backdrop. Many of the shirts are offered in children and infant sizes. I offer an array of t-shirts featuring the “Carnival, Concerts, Cuisine, Culture” logo and photos. You’ll also find Christmas cards, aprons, canvas bags (perfect for “green” grocery shopping), magnets, pacifiers, even an iPad skin. Be sure to check for a savings code – there’s almost always a sale on something!

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