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Louisiana Rain

Though the news has been slow to cover it, you may have heard Louisiana is suffering the worst US flooding since Hurricane Sandy hit the East Coast. This is not Katrina (for too many reasons to list) but it is devastating and it’s not even close to over. Here’s a partial listing of places to make donations of goods and/or money. Reminders from my mom – when donating undergarments, remember that many people need larger sizes and remember to buy hair care for every ethnicity. Continue reading


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Krewe of Barkus

Though it means missing the Carrolton and King Arthur parades, the Krewe of Barkus parade is one of my annual favorites. Founded in 1992 at a Margaret Orr fan club meeting at Good Friends Bar, the parade seems to get bigger every year. Despite the cats-and-dogs rain, crowds were thick with both locals and 1st-timers. This year’s theme was  “Dogzilla: Barkus Licks the Crescent City.” WDSU’s Margaret Orr and local personality Angela Hill (WWL – retired) introduced the king and queen (Dirk and Barbie) who were both rescue dogs this year. Continue reading


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