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Krewes of Iris and Tucks Parades

Saturday was beautiful. Finally. A great day for parades. They started early with the women’s Krewe of Iris (est. 1917) having fun with their “Iris Rocks” theme. The Krewe of Tucks (founded in 1969 by a group of Loyola students) continued their toilet humor with their “Tucks Lives the Sportin’ Life” theme and throws like hand-decorated toilet brushes. I’m not normally a fan of bathroom humor but Tucks gets bigger and better every year and is one of the most colorful parades in every way. Continue reading


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Knights of Sparta Parade 2011

Saturday night, the elaborately costumed Knights of Sparta krewe, founded in 1951, paraded down St. Charles.  The king’s fancy float is still drawn by mules and is preceded by the traditional flambeaux, people carrying torches to light the way. The tradition of handing the flambeaux pocket change is also still alive. The krewe officers also carry tradition, still riding horses in masks and stunning long capes. Continue reading


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