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Why Football Matters

I’m sure there are many answers as to why football matters, but I’m getting a big reminder of why it matters to me. As a child, before the days of VCR’s and TIVO, my father once asked me to watch a game while he was hosting a gathering in our home. He wanted me to tell him everything that he missed between runs up to the TV. I believe it was the Redskins (my home team) against Miami. That day, football went from being something that took my dad’s attention away from me to something we could share and I went from a kid who didn’t care about the game to a Redskin’s fan. Continue reading


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Krewe de Vieux (R-rated photos)

Last night, I took the bus down to the French Quarter to attend the Krewe de Vieux parade. It’s a very bawdy politically satirical parade cometing on local and national politics. According to www.mardigrasparadechedule.com, “The Krewe grew from about 150 drunks stumbling through the French Quarter in search of a bar, to become a relatively well-organized group of about 600 (most of them still drunk), with an actual parade route.” Continue reading

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The Saints are going to the Superbowl and the city couldn’t be happier.

The day started small. Waved hello to a neighbor walking her dog on a leash made of three strands of Mardi Gras beads (purple, gold and green, of course). Walked to the Quarter, Ipod on, camera in hand. Passed smiling people who would nod and say, “Go Saints.” Continue reading


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New Year, New Orleans

It was a beautiful day on New Year’s Eve. I put the top down on the car and ran some errands. Driving home down Magazine, I passed two men on one bike. One guy peddled and the other stood on the front holding the handle bars behind him. Continue reading

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