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a French Quarter apartment hunt

When I was sitting on my couch in L.A. planning to move to New Orleans, I was open to many experiences of this city. I looked at a home in Mid-City, a neighborhood shifting identities in the last few years. I liked the idea of living across the street from City Park, home to an art museum, botanical garden, sculpture garden, a golf course and on and on and one of my favorite places in the city, the Singing Oak (which I call the Bing Bong Tree). Continue reading

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Ending with Style

The 7th day of Mom and Elle’s visit was one of the best. We drove to City Park, 1,300 acres of ponds, art installations, and Live Oaks up to over 600 years old. On our way there, we noticed all the traffic lights weren’t working. It slowed things down, to be sure, and created traffic, but people were remarkably patient. In L.A., it was easy to gauge how well I was doing, how happy I was in life, by how I behaved in traffic. Continue reading

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Jazz Fest: singing in the rain

The second  day of my first ever Jazz Fest was a drizzly day. I didn’t have a ride this time so got to take a nice long walk through beautiful City Park. Continue reading

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Threadhead Thursday

As the city geared up for Jazz fest, Threadhead  Records sponsored a free concert in City Park at the Botanical Gardens. The Botanical Gardens began as a project of the Works Progress Administration during the Great Depression and opened in 1936. Continue reading


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Between the parades

I’ve spent so much time talking about parades that some of the simpler things I love about New Orleans have fallen through the cracks. Continue reading

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