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Remembering Claudia Speicher

Though I have made my living as an actor for the last 20 years, I don’t write about acting very often in this blog. I did write a book about my experiences as an actor but this blog is more about my love for all things New Orleans. Louisiana (or “Hollywood South”) has been one of the top 3 filming locations in the U.S. for the last few years but around 40 years ago, Claudia Speicher moved to New Orleans and eventually became an agent. She had an incredible eye for talent and very selective taste. She became the biggest agent in town – known for her roster of talented and devoted clients as the owner and operator of New Orleans Model and Talent. Just after the New Year she suddenly passed at 65.

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Favorite Things in NOLA 2013

The categories are: Food & Beverage, Music & Entertainment, Culture, Shopping and Giving & More. Anything named previously in my Favorite Things in NOLA 2012 is marked with an Asterix*. Most items have links to their site, but if you’d like to know more, use the search window on the right to find photos, videos, history and stories.

This year, I’ve added a gallery of photos. The first photos are of items listed and the last half are of stuff I love in New Orleans from Creole tomatoes to Ashley the Traffic Tranny.

I’m also revealing Your Favorite Posts of 2013.

3 – Saints Soundtrack Vol. 2

2 – Street Musicians – Tanya and Dorise

1 – Endymion Extravaganza – My First Ball! – which is also your favorite post of all time. Continue reading


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