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Krewe of Jingle Parade

This weekend was the 4th annual Krewe of Jingle Parade on Canal Street. The Downtown Development District created Canal Street: Home for the Holidays to draw shoppers and families looking for holiday activities. They wisely scheduled the parade to finish before the LSU game and many in the crowd were sporting their purple and gold as they waited for the Mr. Bingle float to open the festivities. Continue reading


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Cupid Shuffle

I forgot to mention a critical moment during my time in the French Quarter on Sunday before the game. Denise not only refilled my beer over and over, she taught me a very valuable lesson – how to dance the Cupid Shuffle. The whole bar was doing it. This is line dancing New Orleans-style, Big Easy-style, Who Dat?-style. Toddlers and grandparents of every race and creed do this dance. Continue reading


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The Saints are going to the Superbowl and the city couldn’t be happier.

The day started small. Waved hello to a neighbor walking her dog on a leash made of three strands of Mardi Gras beads (purple, gold and green, of course). Walked to the Quarter, Ipod on, camera in hand. Passed smiling people who would nod and say, “Go Saints.” Continue reading


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