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Dirty Dozen Plays the Square

It was unseasonably cold for YLC’s Wednesday at the Square featuring the legendary Dirty Dozen Brass Band. Even in my knit cap and many layers, I envied the people who thought to wear gloves. Louisiana Spice was onstage playing fun covers of popular radio tunes when I arrived but the first thing I noticed was the new jumbo-screen broadcasting images to the furthest corners of Lafayette Square. Continue reading

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Way behind on Wednesday at the Square

It was another great week in Lafayette Square benefitting the Youth Leadership Council.


The crowd mostly stayed seated for a pop rock band called Happy Jack Frequency. Though the band is local, the music wasn’t traditional and the crowd was mostly there to hear a good ole brass band doing New Orleans tunes we all know the words to, but everyone had fun, just seated fun. Continue reading

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Jazz Fest 101

Finally made it to my first ever Jazz Fest. The festival was something I’d heard about my whole life, something I missed every year as it conflicted with “pilot season” in L.A., the time of year when most new television shows are cast – those that will make it onto the air and those who will only shoot a “pilot” episode (a first episode, often a test episode to show the networks) and disappear forever. I can now say with authority that Jazz Fest may not lead to a career in television, but it’s WAY more fun. Continue reading


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