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I’m So New Orleans #ImSoNewOrleans

The Twitter-verse and Facebook have been buzzing for the last couple days with all things New Orleans. No one seems to know who started the #ImSoNewOrleans trend but it’s brought the city together in a way usually reserved for football season. People are sharing childhood memories, old photos of long-gone places and jokes and trends so inside, only someone who grew up here could truly get them. I didn’t. I wasn’t born here and I don’t have a good answer to, “Where’d you go to school?” (meaning which local high school), but I’m so New Orleans that my family owned property on St. Charles in the 1700’s. Okay, that doesn’t help me decipher some of the local references or share some of the memories, but it does make me feel like I’m home.  Continue reading

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The postman rang twice

The other day, I found a slip from the postman saying that he’d tried (and failed) to reach me about a package. I’d been home but my doorbell shorted during a rainstorm in December.

It brought back all the frustration of living in a secured building in L.A. where it seemed to be the policy of the postal workers to leave a slip in my box without even trying to contact me. Continue reading

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