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Oil Update

I wish I could say that the oil is gone, the Gulf’s problems are behind us. But that’s a lie.

New oil washes up everyday along the coast. Old uncleaned oil continues to eat away at our marshes and wetlands making the coast even more susceptible to hurricane damage in addition to affecting our food supply and ruining a way of life. According to Garret Graves, director of the Louisiana governor’s office of coastal activities, “Right now, we still have more than a hundred miles that is still active with oil on it.” Continue reading

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Who’s “Cleaning Up” on the Oil Disaster?

Last week, I met a chef at a catering company who’d moved here from Boston, Massachusetts to serve the BP workers. It raised a lot of questions for me. Why would you need to bring catering into a city famous for its cuisine and plethora of amazing chefs and cooks? If he was brought here by BP, is he being paid a per diem? Do they provide his housing costs? Just how much more does it cost to bring a chef from out of state than just throw a stick and hit a great chef here? Who does this benefit? Why not pump the money into our local economy? Continue reading

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