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Mardi Gras Day 2012

Mardi Gras Day means many things to many people, but in the French Quarter, it means costumes, costumes and more costumes.  Uptown and on Canal, Fat Tuesday (Mardi Gras in French) means parades all day starting at 7:30 am with Zulu. On Bourbon Street, the day means beads thrown from balconies, rebel yells and partying ’til you puke. But for the many who choose to meander the streets of the Quarter and the Marigny, it’s a spectacle of creativity set to a soundtrack of wandering bands and rolling boomboxes. Continue reading


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Coco Robicheaux

I was unable to attend the second line for the recently passed Coco Robicheaux and hadn’t planned on writing anymore about it since hearing the news on Thanksgiving. Then I saw a 12 minute video someone else shot of the second line. I was moved to tears and decided to share it with you. Continue reading

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