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Krewe of Boo Parade 2022

Dancing in Brian Kern’s Krewe of Boo parade has become my favorite Halloween tradition. Judging by the thick crowds from the French Quarter to the CBD, it seems to have become a favorite for many. Every year, I especially love all of the children in adorable costumes lining the route, smiling and waving. 

The first time I danced in a major parade with The Pussyfooters, was in 2013.  The Pussyfooters are a non-profit body-positive group of over 100 women-over-30 in pink corsets who dance in Mardi Gras parades and partner with around 50 non-profits and events throughout the year.  Continue reading


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Krewe of Boo 2018

Though it sprinkled off and on, the warm New Orleans weather brought out huge crowds for the Krewe of Boo parade. “Chief Spookster” Brian Kern’s “greener” take on throws includes locally-made throws and food items like Pralinettes from Aunt Sally’sChee Wees from Elmer’s Fine Foods and PJ’s Coffee packs. Spooktacular floats were separated by marching bands and marching groups including Tap Dat, Big Easy Rollergirls, Krewe des Fleurs, Organ Grinders, Muff-A-Lottas, Roux La La, Amelia EarHawts, Krewe of Rolling Elvi, 610 Stompers and the Pussyfooters!

This was my fifth year dancing with the Pussyfooters in the Halloween parade. For many dance and walking groups, it’s the first parade for their new members. Continue reading


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Touring NOLA, Vintage Trouble, Latin Parade and More!

Having guests is always a great excuse to hit some of those tourist spots locals tend to shy from. So when my dear friend since high school finally came to New Orleans for the first time, we “toured” the sites. Angela arrived Thursday night and we headed straight for Coop’s so she could have her first jambalaya. We stayed in to catch up that night and headed to Cafe du Monde for insanely tasty beignets the next morning. On the way there, I spotted a familiar face down the street. I said loudly, “Do you know who that is? That’s the lead singer and trumpet for Treme Brass Band!” Angela looked to the t-shirt wearing, blood-shot-eyed man holding a trumpet just as he smiled. Continue reading


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French Quarter and the Boo Dat Pumpkin

There are plenty of jokes about the work ethic in New Orleans and, sure, I’ve seen people goofing off or moving slow, but I’ve seen people goof off at work in plenty of cities. I’ve read that the average office worker in America only does 20 minutes of work per hour. So, yeah, you may find someone applying lipstick when they should be catering to you, but here are some work conversations recently overheard that you may not find in most cities. At Rouse’s grocery in the Quarter, I heard the cashier greet an obvious regular, “What’s on sale, Mr. Ryan?” It brought me back to my childhood when my pawpaw used to go to the bank and the Piggly Wiggly everyday. Continue reading


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Fall in the French Quarter

Spent last Sunday on what locals in the French Quarter call the “Fruit Loop,” so named for the 4 gay bars on the 4 corners of the city block. It was a gorgeous day, another in a stretch we’ve been enjoying in the Big Easy. 80, sunny and breezy.

It’s still warm enough for frozen treats but there’s not much in the way of sno-balls in the quarter so I went back to try another flavor at Meltdown Gourmet Popsicles. Continue reading

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