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Family Tree

Like many children of divorce, I spent most of my childhood with my mother, so, although both sides of my family are from Louisiana, I’d really only met one half. Sure, I knew my father’s mother and siblings and their children, but that was it. Last weekend, my father and brother flew into town and we all headed to Baton Rouge for a weekend of seafood and family. Continue reading


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Who Datitude (Mardi Gras 2010 wrap-up)

I’ve wanted to live in Louisiana most of my life. It’s a free country and I could have moved here anytime, but I didn’t arrive until after Thanksgiving 2009. The Saints were undefeated. People were excited to not be losing and harbored dreams of going to the Super Bowl. And the weather sucked – colder than in decades.

I’d timed this move so that I’d be here for Christmas with my family and have time to make some friends before Mardi Gras. I’ve learned that  this is not the dress rehearsal, this is my one and only life. I’ve learned that my perspective on life defines my experience of life. I’ve learned to try new things, embrace the unknown. I’ve learned that the only things I really value over time are the people in my life and my experiences. So, although I was alone for most of the Mardi Gras season, I didn’t wait for my fears to pass or for a time when I knew more people or more of the city, I just dove in and attended over 25 parades. Continue reading


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Unzip the Sky

Looks like Louisiana will have more rain this year than in the last 100. Seriously. Since 1909. Before women could vote. That’s a lot of rain. Yesterday was the worst of it (I hope/think). Continue reading


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