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Mardi Gras Tree 2016

Mardi Gras is about as early as it can get this year with Krewe du Vieux kicking things off on January 23rd! In New Orleans, we’re all eating King Cake. My genius friend and fellow Pussyfooter dancer ,Christine Miller of Two Chicks Walking Tours, hosts an annual “potluck” where women bring King Cakes from local bakeries and kitchens. (photo below by Elizabeth Zibilich). Like last year, I wasn’t able to attend but was the lucky recipient of a plate of samples from District Donuts Sliders BrewHi Do Bakery and the always amazing Manny Randazzo King Cakes. And like every year, I enjoyed the tradition of converting our home’s Christmas tree to a Mardi Gras tree. Continue reading


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Throw me somethin’ mister!

Been too busy parading to write about parades, but it’s Lundi Gras (AKA Shrove Monday for you practicing Catholics) so there aren’t any parades until after 5 pm.

The city wide love fest continued through last week. People are still pinching themselves over the Super Bowl victory and, though “Who Dat” is still a legitimate greeting, we’ve added new answer backs.  “We Dat!” and “Believe Dat!” are the most popular. Continue reading


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