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Krewes of Okeanos and Mid-City Parades

The Krewe of Okeanos parade rolled in the rain to sizable crowds. It was warm and the forecast promised clearing skies. Our spot was flooded due to the recent freezes cracking pipes. Later, a neighbor bought a sump pump and drained the street but our morning was spent slogging through over half a foot of water to get to the floats. There’s something about rainy parades that’s special. When I’m watching them, I always admire the people suffering on the floats, dancing drenched and playing wet instruments. Continue reading

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NOLA in a Week (Mom’s Visit)

There’s nothing like having a visitor to push you to take advantage of the city as much as possible in a week. My mom  and stepdad came to town and we went to 2 festivals, a number of concerts, a bunch of restaurants and plenty of cool shops. We even visited the set of Quentin Tarantino’s Django Unchained. If you’re planning to visit New Orleans or if you’re a New Orleanian looking for some ideas of how to entertain your guests, here are some highlights from our week. Continue reading


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Treme – Life Imitating Art Imitating Life

Last week, HBO’s Treme once again killed off a beloved character. I’d been enjoying the episode, continuously intrigued by Councilman Oliver Thomas’ portrayal of himself and the choices he made that led to his downfall and incarceration. We got to see Corey Henry play with Kermit Ruffins as well as a scene at the romantic Columns Hotel on St. Charles. Though they talked about the Irish Channel St. Patrick’s parade and the throwing of cabbage and other food items, there was no footage from the parades. If you feel you missed out, check out my video from this year’s parade. But, the whole episode was leading to the shock of the senseless murder of a valued musician and I’ll admit it left me with some rare trouble sleeping. Continue reading

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Krewe of Mid-City

The Krewe of Mid-City, founded in 1933, is the 5th oldest continuously parading krewe of the Carnival season. They live by the motto, “Pour La Joie de Vivre” or “For the Joy of Life.” Unlike the more morose krewes with skeletons or the satirical krewes with their stabs at politics and culture, Mid-City is symbolized by an interlocking heart emblem and strives to delight children and the child in us. And unlike the other krewes with their papier maché floats, Mid-City makes their floats of shiny tinfoil and mylar. Continue reading


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a French Quarter apartment hunt

When I was sitting on my couch in L.A. planning to move to New Orleans, I was open to many experiences of this city. I looked at a home in Mid-City, a neighborhood shifting identities in the last few years. I liked the idea of living across the street from City Park, home to an art museum, botanical garden, sculpture garden, a golf course and on and on and one of my favorite places in the city, the Singing Oak (which I call the Bing Bong Tree). Continue reading

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Ending with Style

The 7th day of Mom and Elle’s visit was one of the best. We drove to City Park, 1,300 acres of ponds, art installations, and Live Oaks up to over 600 years old. On our way there, we noticed all the traffic lights weren’t working. It slowed things down, to be sure, and created traffic, but people were remarkably patient. In L.A., it was easy to gauge how well I was doing, how happy I was in life, by how I behaved in traffic. Continue reading

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Bacchus Trifecta

Sunday was Valentine’s day for everyone, but for New Orleans, it was the day romance, the Saints and Mardi Gras all collided for the perfect carnival trifecta. First, the Krewes of Okeanos, Mid-City and Thoth all rolled down St. Charles during the day. Continue reading

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