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Comic Con and Butcher

This weekend, I attended my first ever Comic Con. I’ve heard about them for years, mostly stereotypes about nerds who love fake universes more than deodorant. Walking through the convention center in my Video Archives t-shirt (the video shop where Tarantino worked for a decade), we passed through a crowd heading to the car show and another group for the jewelry show before finding our way to the costumed crowd of Comic Con. New Orleans loves any excuse to wear a costume, but this was different. Rather than the petticoats and beaded concoctions we donn with second line umbrellas, these were elaborate soldiers from future wars, intergalactic creatures with blue or orange skin and chain mail-covered warriors and their corseted damsels.  Continue reading

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Treme and Bayona Restaurant

Week 2 of HBO’s Treme covered topics from the Danziger Bridge incident and the school system to the governor’s race, FEMA subcontracting, Bounce music and fried turkey for Thanksgiving. As someone who’s lived here over 17 months and is still learning this city, I sometimes wonder how someone unfamiliar with the politics, food, music, history and tragedy of this place 14 months after Katrina (the setting of this season) can even begin to follow all the intricacies. I’m so glad people are watching and making the effort.  Continue reading

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Harvest Wednesday with Cowboy Mouth (lots of photos)

Harvest the Music benefits Second Harvest Food Bank and is a free weekly event at Lafayette Square every Wednesday at 5 pm through November 3rd.


I’ll be honest, not every Wednesday concert is my favorite cup of tea, but they’re always fun. I always get to run into people I know. I’m always free to dance if I care to (and I often do). There are always colorful characters in the crowd. And there’s always great food and drink. And the music’a always good even when it’s not what moves me. Continue reading

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