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Krewes of Muses & Iris Parades

No time to blog this year but wanted to share photos of the fun at the Krewes of Muses and Iris parades. I always love dancing with my Pussyfooter sisters in Muses. Both the parade and our group – the first modern-day adult parade dance troupe, debuted together in 2001. Photos include Krewe des Fleurs, Krewe of the Rolling Elvi, the NOLA Cherry Bombs, Fat City Drum Corps, the Amelia Earhawts and much more!  Continue reading

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Krewe of Muses – Behind the Scenes

I love attending parades and the Krewe of Muses all-female Super Krewe of 1000 riders is a crowd favorite. When you participate in a parade, the one downside is that you don’t actually get to attend the parade. With the addition of the new train of duck floats being pulled by the traditional giant bubble bath and the opportunity to catch one of their coveted hand-decorated shoes, it was a lot to give up. That said, I love dancing with the Pussyfooters in Muses. A group of over 120 women-over-30, the Pussyfooters raise tens of thousands annually for domestic violence victims, provide entertainment and assistance at non-profit events and, of course, perform in parades year-round. The Pussyfooters debuted in the 2001 Krewe of Muses parade so I consider it an honor to join them rather than hope for a (super-awesome) glittery shoe.  Continue reading

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Parading with the Pussyfooters in Muses

This is my third Mardi Gras parading in Krewe of Muses as a Pussyfooter and it’s still my favorite way to tour the city. There are stately homes, gorgeous bead-covered live oaks, beautiful buildings and plenty of things to see but it’s the people that move me. Muses is one of the parades that inspires people to costume up, make posters and party like it’s 1999 – instead of a school night. The all-female Krewe is famous for the hand-crafted, elaborately glittered and fancifully decorated shoes they throw to the lucky few. This time around – a little about what it was like behind the scenes. Continue reading

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Jazz Fest Saturday

It was a gorgeous Saturday for Jazz Fest. Before heading to the stages, we passed through the craft area and saw creative shoebox floats and glittery Krewe of Muses shoes – a prized throw during Mardi Gras. There were also a few Mardi Gras Indians sewing beads and showing off this year’s suits. Big Chief FiYiYi, Victor Harris, showed us the incredibly detailed beadwork. Beautiful. We grabbed a requisite Panorama Fine Foods Crawfish Bread ($7) and Strawberry Lemonade ($5) then tried the refreshing Ajun Cajun Ninja Crab Sick & Cucumber Salad ($5) and Canseco’s Markets Cuban Sandwich ($8).  Continue reading


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Pussyfooting in Krewe of Muses

This was my second year Pussyfooting in Krewe of Muses and it was amazing! Between the sisterhood, the non-profit work and the resources available through the organization, I have plenty of reasons to love being a Pussyfooter but I’d be lying if I didn’t say that parading in Muses is reason enough. Muses is one of the ever-increasing number of female Krewes. Like many of the parades dance troupes, our organization strives to empower women of all kinds. After years of being terrified of large groups of women, I’m dancing in a group of over 100 women over-30 among over 1000 Muses Krewe members and it just feels good to be a part of it all. Continue reading


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Mardi Gras Tree 2015

Mardi Gras is early this year with Krewe du Vieux kicking things off on January 31st. I’m still eating treats from my Christmas stocking but it’s already time for King Cake. I had my first slice at Sucre on the afternoon of Twelfth Night. Throughout the rest of the country, people are taking tinsel of trees and setting them by the curb while here in New Orleans, many of us convert Christmas trees to Mardi Gras trees. Continue reading


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I’m So New Orleans #ImSoNewOrleans

The Twitter-verse and Facebook have been buzzing for the last couple days with all things New Orleans. No one seems to know who started the #ImSoNewOrleans trend but it’s brought the city together in a way usually reserved for football season. People are sharing childhood memories, old photos of long-gone places and jokes and trends so inside, only someone who grew up here could truly get them. I didn’t. I wasn’t born here and I don’t have a good answer to, “Where’d you go to school?” (meaning which local high school), but I’m so New Orleans that my family owned property on St. Charles in the 1700’s. Okay, that doesn’t help me decipher some of the local references or share some of the memories, but it does make me feel like I’m home.  Continue reading

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