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Big Easy Birthday

This is my second birthday since moving here and this year, I decided to host a small gathering. It was a low-key affair, just an open door for a dozen or so guests with beer, sodas and an iPod party mix. But it was in the French Quarter and I wanted to celebrate in style. I got out my big, pink petticoat, some O-ring bracelets from the 80’s and sparkly shoes then pinned a dollar on my chest as I had last year. A New Orleans birthday tradition, Continue reading


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Costuming Up for Mardi Gras

It started last year with decorating the fence in front of my house with beads and garland in purple, green and gold.. Then I redecorated my Christmas wreath with masks and more beads. Then, I redecorated my Christmas tree with Mardi Gras ornaments. This year, the fence is beaded, the wreath is hung, the tree is lit and I’ll also be redecorating myself. For the first time, I’m planning to costume up for Fat Tuesday. Continue reading

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