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4th of July in Texas

Like so many whose families hail from Louisiana, we also have a Texas contingency. My grandfather was a Texan and I have many cousins there as well. I’m sure there are many places that take Independence Day as seriously as Texans do but I don’t know if any of them serve as tasty a barbecue. Continue reading

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Texas BBQ, the Drought and Geaux Saints!

Texas is suffering its 2nd worst drought ever recorded, the worst one year drought ever. “Extreme” or “exceptional” drought levels have seized 94% of the state. But, we loaded up the car and drove to Austin for the weekend. First stop? The Salt Lick, the best Bar-B-Que joint in Texas since 1967 located in Driftwood, a small town just outside Austin. The Salt Lick is legendary, named “The Tastiest Barbecue in America” by The Travel Channel’s 101 Tastiest Places to Chow Down!  Continue reading

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