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French Quarter and the Boo Dat Pumpkin

There are plenty of jokes about the work ethic in New Orleans and, sure, I’ve seen people goofing off or moving slow, but I’ve seen people goof off at work in plenty of cities. I’ve read that the average office worker in America only does 20 minutes of work per hour. So, yeah, you may find someone applying lipstick when they should be catering to you, but here are some work conversations recently overheard that you may not find in most cities. At Rouse’s grocery in the Quarter, I heard the cashier greet an obvious regular, “What’s on sale, Mr. Ryan?” It brought me back to my childhood when my pawpaw used to go to the bank and the Piggly Wiggly everyday. Continue reading


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Fall in the French Quarter

Spent last Sunday on what locals in the French Quarter call the “Fruit Loop,” so named for the 4 gay bars on the 4 corners of the city block. It was a gorgeous day, another in a stretch we’ve been enjoying in the Big Easy. 80, sunny and breezy.

It’s still warm enough for frozen treats but there’s not much in the way of sno-balls in the quarter so I went back to try another flavor at Meltdown Gourmet Popsicles. Continue reading

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Dude, check out my articles

In July, I confessed that I’ve been writing articles for a locally-base online paper, NOLA Defender. For those of you who’ve enjoyed my articles and in an effort to give you an easy reference, here are links to my latest articles.

The first links are part of an ongoing series of interviews with Jeff Dowd, the inspiration for The Dude in “The Big Lebowski.” Continue reading

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Yesterday, my neighbor , Christina, and I went Uptown for brunch at Patois. The word patois means local language, something we have plenty of here. The food at Patois is prepared with ingredients from local gardens and dairies (Louisiana cheese? Who knew?) and, of course, the once gorgeous and fruitful Gulf. Continue reading

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5th day and Treme finale

I was hoping to keep things light for a tleast a week while recapping my wonderful visit with family, but I have to say some things. BP is burning endangered turtles. They know it, they’ve been told not to and they continue. The FEMA trailers, yes the ones with the formaldehyde, are back – this time being used for clean-up workers. Just as well since they’re not given respiration protection at work anyway. No small wonder that the average Valdez clean-up worker died at the age of 51.  AND, the U.S. government has now made a rule saying that no one, including reporters, is allowed within 65 feet of any response vehicle or boom on water or on beaches. Continue reading

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