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The Liebster Award

Bloggers are a new thing, still evolving, still becoming. My own blog started as a means of keeping in touch with the people I left behind in Los Angeles. Now, many of my readers are people living here in NOLA and many others are people who miss the city and want to be here vicariously. It would seem that the latest evolution in blogging is awards for blogging passed from blogger to blogger like a chain letter. One such award, The Liebster Award, was passed on to me by the very kind and well-traveled Suletta. Continue reading


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So You Think You Can Dance

I’ve discussed my love of movies and my growing love for live music, but I’ve never discussed my love of dance. Last night, I went to the Lakefront Arena to see the national tour of the So You Think You Can Dance season 8 Top 10 dancers. For those who’ve never seen the TV show, So You Think You Can Dance (SYTYCD) is a voter participation dance show from the same producers who brought us American Idol. Continue reading


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5th day and Treme finale

I was hoping to keep things light for a tleast a week while recapping my wonderful visit with family, but I have to say some things. BP is burning endangered turtles. They know it, they’ve been told not to and they continue. The FEMA trailers, yes the ones with the formaldehyde, are back – this time being used for clean-up workers. Just as well since they’re not given respiration protection at work anyway. No small wonder that the average Valdez clean-up worker died at the age of 51.  AND, the U.S. government has now made a rule saying that no one, including reporters, is allowed within 65 feet of any response vehicle or boom on water or on beaches. Continue reading

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