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NOLA in a Week (Mom’s Visit)

There’s nothing like having a visitor to push you to take advantage of the city as much as possible in a week. My mom  and stepdad came to town and we went to 2 festivals, a number of concerts, a bunch of restaurants and plenty of cool shops. We even visited the set of Quentin Tarantino’s Django Unchained. If you’re planning to visit New Orleans or if you’re a New Orleanian looking for some ideas of how to entertain your guests, here are some highlights from our week. Continue reading


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The postman rang twice

The other day, I found a slip from the postman saying that he’d tried (and failed) to reach me about a package. I’d been home but my doorbell shorted during a rainstorm in December.

It brought back all the frustration of living in a secured building in L.A. where it seemed to be the policy of the postal workers to leave a slip in my box without even trying to contact me. Continue reading

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I’m still on the hunt for the perfect grocery store. Trader Joe’s was the perfect store for living single, eating healthy and doing it all at low, low prices – lower even than large chain grocery stores like Ralph’s – so low, that I’m ruined for other stores. Continue reading


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