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Brothels, Bordellos and Ladies of the Night Walking Tour

Other than hitting Bourbon Street, I believe the city’s many walking tours and carriage rides must be the most popular tourist activity in New Orleans. Throughout the French Quarter and Garden District, people gather around stringently-licensed tour guides enlivening historical facts (and stories) about everything from architecture and colorful characters to above-ground cemeteries and Voodoo. At night, the Quarter is cluttered with criss-crossing groups of people wanting to learn more about the “most haunted city in America” from one of the city’s many spirit tours (Scary Mary is regarded as the most fact-based fun). But there are many stories locals tell each other that tourists seldom hear. The stories of the city’s brothels and the women who worked them are the subject covered by Two Chicks Walking Tours‘ unique Brothels, Bordellos and Ladies of the Night walking tour.  Continue reading

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The secret is knowing when to say yes…

For most of my life, I’ve lived by this personal adage, that the secret to life is knowing what to say yes to. I would figure out what I wanted in life, then say yes to anything that drew me closer to that goal. But, some things you say yes to, some of the most amazing experiences, come from saying yes to something that just presents itself. Perhaps it doesn’t bring you closer to any goal, but it enriches your experience of being alive. Continue reading

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