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L.A. To N.O.LA redux

My friend, Danica, brought me back into the L.A. city limits from the 1950’s time capsule town of Whittier. I would spend my last evening in L.A., not at a premiere or schmoozing for work, but in the Valley making pizzas with my friend, Janell’s toddlers. Their tree was up and decorated and stocking were hung with care in hopes that Saint Nicholas soon would be there. After Danica departed and Janell put the kids to bed, Angela joined us for one last night around the fire pit. Continue reading

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Small Town L.A.

Los Angeles is the second most populated city in the U.S. (New York is first), but I’ve always tried to make L.A. into a small town. I was a creature of habit who developed relationships with people of all walks of life in hopes that when I’d walk into my favorite restaurant or store or gas station, etc., someone would smile and say, “Hi, Laura.” I even had a favorite homeless person, Sunshine, so that I might be surprised with a warm hello all over the city. Continue reading


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Under the Sea, Julia’s 4th

If you know any young girls, you know about the importance of princesses. Like movie stars and models, they are coveted for their beauty, wit, ability to land a prince and their fashion sense. And not even Buckingham Palace has more of them than Disney. I remember loving Cinderella. Based on a story from the first century B.C. and perfected in the 1600’s, Cinderella went from being a slave girl covered in ash to the Disney version with magical pumpkins and a fairy godmother. I liked her because she had my hair color and a pretty dress. Continue reading

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