Irish Channel Parade 2017

The Mardi Gras parades just ended and already St. Patrick’s festivities have begun. Time again for floats and throws, dance troupes and walking krewes. The major difference is the occasion. And the green. Green beers, green wigs, green beads and glittery green beards abounded. Throws included Irish Spring soap, anything shamrock-shaped and fresh cabbages for soup.

We go to the parade every year but this year attended some of our friend’s parties as well. The spreads included Irish dishes along with crawfish and other local favorites. The tastiest treats looked to be a cake saturated in Jameson and cookies with a green Irish Creme Liqueur creamy center. Unfortunately, I’m raising money for TREE (an organization that focuses on outdoor education for children) by “Going Dry” for March. You can buy me a virtual “drink” for as low as $4 if you’d like to pitch in. DONATE

The party continues with the Tracy’s and Parasol’s block parties and Molly’s Irish Parade and Downtown Irish Club Parade next Friday, the St. Joseph’s Day alters full of food and Italian-American Parade on Saturday and, if the weather holds out, the Mardi Gras Indians Super Sunday parade the following day. I love my city.

Photos include some of my fellow Pussyfooters dancers fresh from the Mardi Gras parades, the Muggivan School of Irish Dance, Corner Club guys exchanging silk flowers for kisses, Big Fun Brass Band, Alter Egos, Braveheart Warriors Marching Club and Daughters of Lir.

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