Saints Soundtrack – My Pick

I’ve been searching for a new Saints anthem to replace the Ying Yang Twins Halftime (Stand Up and Get Crunk) since pre-season when it became obvious the rumors were true – getting Crunk is on its way out at the Superdome. I scoured the web for a song as inspirational to fans and the team (and as menacing for the opposition) as Halftime. I wanted the song to be by locals and have horns, Who Dats, a universal dance beat and something to chant. After presenting over a dozen options in my posts Saints Soundtrack and Saints Soundtrack Vol. 2, I have found my very clear winner.

Black and Gold by ChadQuentin & Phat Word with All For One Brass Band and 21st Century Brass Band has it all. Rapper ChadQuentin is Chadrick Honore, Grammy winning trumpeter from Rebirth Brass Band. I’ve seen him rap occasionally at Rebirth’s live shows but I had no idea the skills and song-storytelling he had in him. Phat Word is more of a mystery to me but I can say that the second I heard his unique phraseology, I understood he was a confident street poet. Listening to his hypnotic The Uncanny proved me right.

I will be getting to know Phat Word better this Tuesday at midnight when we appear on Jonny Ray’s show on WWOZ to play the song for the first time on the radio. In addition to being a lover of local music, Jonny Ray has the only Hollywood South tour in town, New Orleans Movie Tours. The tour van is equipped with screens that show clips of movies and TV shows as you arrive at the locations where they were shot.

If you’d like to listen to the show Tuesday night from midnight to 3am (10pm to 1 am for Los Angeles), click HERE and the “Listen Now” button to get a live feed of the show.

If you can’t wait another minute, here’s the video and click HERE to get a free download. I will not rest until I am dancing in the Dome to this song, arms up, chanting “Black and Gold! Black and Gold! Black and Gold!” I can see it now and it’s inspiring.



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4 responses to “Saints Soundtrack – My Pick

  1. Stafford

    Concur 110% with your choice of Black & Gold as the new anthem — with the added bonus that it’s available for download for free.

  2. mayorofdemarigny

    Sorry. The ultimate Saints’ anthem was recorded decades ago, and is a timeless classic. When the Saints go Marching In, by Fats. Anything else is a pale imitation.

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