Krewe of Barkus

Though it means missing the Carrolton and King Arthur parades, the Krewe of Barkus parade is one of my annual favorites. Founded in 1992 at a Margaret Orr fan club meeting at Good Friends Bar, the parade seems to get bigger every year. Despite the cats-and-dogs rain, crowds were thick with both locals and 1st-timers. This year’s theme was  “Dogzilla: Barkus Licks the Crescent City.” WDSU’s Margaret Orr and local personality Angela Hill (WWL – retired) introduced the king and queen (Dirk and Barbie) who were both rescue dogs this year.

Sorry for the shortened description and history but as regular readers of this blog know, a computer crash and heavy work schedule have me scrambling to keep up with all the parades before they begin rolling again. Enjoy the photos and pardon the unlabeled ones as well as the lack of editing.


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4 responses to “Krewe of Barkus

  1. Pippa Pirrip

    I’m a “displaced” New Orleanian in Denver (going to college) & your posts are helping with my homesickness immensely! Glad I found your blog. Tell the city I love her!

    • I will. I feel your pain and am so glad to be of help. I normally take a lot of video and haven’t this year due to major scheduling issues but if you search past Mardi Gras, you’ll find plenty of video with all of the dancing and music I know you’re missing.

      • Pippa Pirrip

        I have friends back home who are sending me plenty of cell phone videos, pictures and I assume (based on last year) I’ll be getting a care package or 2 of throws, cups and whatever else friends think to send.

        I graduate next spring, and hopefully I’ll get accepted to grad school at Tulane so I don’t have to stay away any longer.

      • I wish you luck with that. I know what it means to miss New Orleans…

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