Krewe of Cleopatra with the Pussyfooters!

Krewe of Cleopatra rolled tonight (after Krewe of Oshun) setting off the first big weekend of Carnival parades. This was my first time dancing with the Pussyfooters in this parade. As usual, I will be dancing in Muses and Thoth but I was excited to join the all-female parading Krewe of Cleopatra. This was also my first time as a “whistle blower” which meant that I had to pay far more attention than usual so I could signal the start of each dance repetition. It also meant it was my first time dancing on the outside line which put me face to face with the crowd. With the rain starting at exactly the same moment we rolled, crowds were light, which made it an easier transition. It was also my first time parading in the rain. 

Though it rains here frequently and every New Orleanian owns at least one second line umbrella (usually smaller and decorated – more of a parasol), most of the locals cheered us on without the shelter of an umbrella. Its a habit here. I have acquired 6 or 7 umbrellas since moving here in 2009 and still, I usually just walk in the rain. Except on hot, sunny days when I need portable shade. It makes sense somehow.

Though the crowd was thinner than usual, their enthusiasm spurred us on and helped us through the cold, wet miles (my phone counted 20,000 steps). It was actually  a lot of fun connecting with so many die-hard rain-or-shine parade-goers. I’m one of those and I always appreciate the people who weather the storm to bring us joy.

Enjoy the photos including the Oui Dats, Pussyfooters, Krewe des Fleurs, Sirens, Muff-A-Lottas, Krewe of the Rolling Elvi and a shot of me from! Oh, and it was the first time the Pussyfooters debuted our new super-hero inspired uniforms – complete with capes.


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8 responses to “Krewe of Cleopatra with the Pussyfooters!

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  3. Can’t wait to see y’all in Thoth!

  4. Stafford

    Here’s to better weather during Muses and Thoth. Thanks for the great write up to get us in the Carnival spirit.

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